The Smile Commandments – Tried and Tested Tips for Your Best Smile


When you study success in any calling the difference between those who do well and those that don’t comes down to the mastery of the right fundamentals. Beyond a clever title, the list we’ve compiled below is genuinely made up of habits, suggestions and information that if integrated into your daily oral health lifestyle will have a profound positive impact on your teeth, mouth and smile. These suggestions are timeless and remain essential to optimizing your pearly white smile.


Brush Twice a Day


Most of us in Canada and other developed parts of the world brush our teeth as part of our morning routine. The importance of brushing our teeth again before bed cannot be stressed enough. Brushing your teeth is the foundation of good oral health and ensures that the surfaces of your teeth and gum line are help clean and free of food particles and built up plaque. Whenever you brush, use a soft bristled manual or electric toothbrush and brush with good technique for 2-3 minutes using toothpaste with fluoride. This will not only clean your teeth, but strengthen them over time.


Improper brushing technique can lead to neglected areas of your mouth as well as abrasion and enamel loss if you brush too hard. Brushing more than twice a day, particularly after meals goes one step further in preventing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Don’t forget to brush your tongue or use a tongue scrapper as well as it is a popular hang out spot for bacteria.


Floss Daily


Flossing might not be anybody’s favourite way to spend time in the bathroom, but the practice is as important to good oral health as brushing is. As valuable as a toothbrush can be, there are simply too many areas in your mouth, particularly the spaces between your teeth (contacts) where food particles can hide and bacteria can fester. Flossing once a day, especially before bed will ensure that you remove all excess debris from your mouth. Saliva is our mouth’s way of protecting your teeth from bacteria. Your body produces far less saliva when you are sleeping making night time the right time for flossing. You can become an elite floss artist by applying our 5 Tips to Improve Your Dental Flossing Immediately.


Visit Your Dentist as Required


Routine dental appointments and cleanings occur twice a year; once every six months. These are absolutely instrumental to your best smile possible as dentists and dental hygienists can identify minor issues with your teeth and gums before they become major ones. You will also be hard pressed to find your teeth any cleaner than after a full cleaning from a skilled hygienist.


Are you an individual that is more prone to cavities and gum disease or suffer from a medical condition that puts you at a higher risk of incurring dental issues than normal? If so, visiting your dentist three times a year or every four months might prove prudent. This also includes individuals who are HIV positive, suffer from diabetes or have compromised immune systems due to chemotherapy. If you are pregnant, it may definitely be in your best interest as well.


Eat for a Healthy Smile


The foods you choose to chew on have a significant impact on the overall health and appearance of your teeth. Foods that are rich in calcium such as cheese, yogurt, dark leafy greens and crunchy fruits and vegetables should all be staple items in your smile diet. For an exhaustive list on which foods are best for your teeth and why, check out our post here.


Go Tobacco Free


Beyond the adverse effects arsenic, nicotine and tar can have on your body when you smoke cigarettes, they absolutely wreak havoc on your teeth as well. Smoking leads to stubborn staining and puts people at considerably more risk of developing gum disease. Smoking can also lead to bad breath and reduce production of saliva; your body’s natural tooth protector.


Give Whitening a Try


A whiter smile is synonymous with a nicer smile for obvious reasons. Near white healthy looking teeth are to be admired and there are various means of achieving your desired results. Beyond tobacco, things like coffee, red wine and even blueberries stain your teeth over time. A good number of over the counter products are readily available and easy to use. Your dentist is an excellent resource for whitening treatment information and will also be able to provide you with professional grade cleaning should it be needed. Always consult with your dentist before using any whitening product to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for it. For those looking for a natural home remedy, read our post on baking soda.


Cosmetic Dentistry


This one is a bonus item. A completely underrated part of your smile is the confidence with which you carry it. Cosmetic dentistry is far from a requirement for most however if you feel that some dental work to replace a missing tooth or fix some crowded teeth will make you feel better it is definitely something to consider. Braces have helped countless people earn a smile they are proud of and more extreme procedures such as veneers and implants can literally change a person’s smile and confidence level.


Don’t hesitate to ask your dentist about potential work and whether it might be right for you. They will also be able to discuss insurance coverage and costs with you or refer you to the right specialist for the job.


Source: Everyday Health

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