Why Oral Health is About More than Your Mouth


OK, you are right. If oral is not a synonym for mouth than awesome is not a synonym for AllHeals. So what exactly does our title today mean? We can all acknowledge the fact that our mouth and the teeth and gums there within do not exist in a bubble separate and distinct from the rest of our bodies. Beyond the physical truth to that, our mental make up including stress levels and even confidence is related on a deeper level to our oral health than most choose to acknowledge. These facts are the essence of our title, the understanding and acceptance of the fact that our mouths and how healthy we keep them is both determined by and a determining factor of the health of other parts of our bodies and beings.


At AllHeals we are passionate about educating and providing useful information as it pertains to the your oral health. We made this fact abundantly clear in both our initial blog post as well as our mission statement. We do however understand that optimal oral health cannot be achieved without harmony between all aspects of overall health including diet, physical fitness and mental make up and attitude. How do we know this? A person who does not have the disciplined mentality to floss daily while also eating the right foods rather than the wrong ones will have extreme difficulty maintaining great oral health. Similarly, a person who doesn’t exercise fairy regularly puts their oral heath at risk thanks to their increased likelihood of developing a disease or medical condition that has adverse effects on the mouth including diabetes.


On the flip side of this point, strong and effective oral health habits go a long way in improving your overall health, decreasing the chances of contracting or exacerbating several serious health conditions including stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. A smile filled with clean and healthy teeth is a critical social and business asset, often representing the first trait a person notices about you. Although not a precursor of success, there is no denying that a healthful and well maintained smile will serve you far better than a neglected and unhealthy one will. Part of that reason is that its health is reflected elsewhere in your overall health and vice versa.


Over the coming weeks and months we will begin to integrate posts that share fantastic information, including tips and suggestions that pertain to physical and mental health aspects beyond the scope of the mouth. Although oral health is our passion and mandate, we understand the importance of providing you will all the tools for success and wouldn’t go about it any way other than the best way possible, an all-encompassing and holistic approach to your best you.


Thank you again for your time, follows on social media and support.




The AllHeals team


Photo: Mila Kunis/Extremely Healthy

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