Meet the Highly Evolved Kolibree Connected Toothbrush


Every year the most incredible and innovative technology, devices and gadgets are debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is where the latest and greatest in smart phone technologies, wearables and ever-growing HD television screens get their introduction to the world.


Amid the array of gadgets and prototypes to debut at the most recent show was an incredible toothbrush that has openly proclaimed itself as the worlds smartest. How smart you ask? Imagine having a toothbrush that boasts a plethora of sensors to monitor everything from the movement of your brush head to the pressure with which you are pressing against your teeth. What about tracking the amount of time you spend cleaning the various parts of your mouth? Imagine what that awareness could mean for your oral health. The Kolibree Connected Toothbrush does all that and more, relaying the information in real time via BlueTooth to a mobile app on your smartphone that records the data instantly. This sync allows you to have to most accurate and analytical take possible on your brushing habits including proper technique as well as areas of your teeth and gums that require more attention in order to avoid issues down the line.


As exciting as that might sound to a dental geek or a technophile, convincing your spouse or children might require sweeter stakes. The people behind the Kolibree had them in mind too. the mobile app and brush combo have been created to provide a starting point and means of improving you or your child’s brushing habits. This is done by ‘gamifying’ the process, meaning it challenges the user to improve their brushing technique and habits in a fun way. Given that parents have banged their heads against walls in an attempt to engage their children enough to enjoy brushing their teeth, Kolibree’s toothbrush has the potential to be the ultimate boon – a toothbrush kids can’t wait to use. Better yet, a brush that drives them to voluntarily attempt to improve the job they are doing with each go. These guys are going to make sales by accident.


Based out of France, Kolibree has also made its API available to various third party developers so that they can allow the creativity of others to create more games and challenges for their device, a move that could really set them apart and create considerable demand. One such game is Called ‘Go Pirate’ and features everything kids love about other mobile games including 16 levels and a family based leader board for bragging rights. Various brushes can be synced to a single mobile account, meaning Mama Bear can monitor and guilt her children into better brushing habits by comparing results and data. Those numbers don’t lie!


Our take on the Kolibree Connected Toothbrush is as follows; any device that utilizing the technology that we use on a daily basis to foster better dental habits is a winner to us. One that does so with the sheer effectiveness and execution of Kolibree’s device is a true champion. The company’s CEO announced at CES that they had created a device to “outsmart your dentist”. They have certainly created one that has outsmarted the competition.


The device is currently available for purchase online as of late 2014 and is very well priced at $149 USD. This price point is well in line with some of the better electric toothbrushes on the market including those from industry stalwarts such as Oral-B and Philips.


For more information, check out the official Kolibree Connected Toothbrush video below:



Source: Digital Trends, Kolibree

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