Imagine Brushing your Teeth in 6 Seconds


In today’s instant gratification Twitter-speed society, it should surprise few that people are looking at all parts of their daily routine for areas in which they can save time and energy. Seeing as brushing our teeth is something we should be doing twice a day (you know who you are), it has long been an activity people have been hoping to speed up. Other than opting to not brush your teeth and dealing with the health and social complications that creates, there has been little in the way of breakthroughs for cleaning our pearly whites. The longtime standard has been 2-3 minutes while brushing, with countless appropriately timed hourglasses being handed out at dental clinics world round. Being able to reduce that time commitment to one minute without compromising the effectiveness of your brushing would be enough to build a profitable business around. Offering that type of effective cleaning in only 6 seconds could complete revolutionize an industry, something that Blizzident, the company behind such a product is very aware of.


The Spanish firm has staked their claim that their custom tailored toothbrush will not only clean your teeth, floss the areas between them and clean your tongue, but that it will do all of that in 6 seconds flat.


Conventional Brushing


As of the writing of this piece, the most widely recommended brushing technique is the Modified Stillman Technique. A complete breakdown of this technique will appear in a soon to be published blog post. Suffice it to say, the fundamentals of this technique are as follows: angle the bristles of your toothbrush at 45 degrees towards your gums at the top of your teeth and gently brush the area of two to three teeth at a time using 10-20 small circles being sure to target the gum line and the spaces between teeth as these are the areas that require the most cleaning due to bacterial buildup. Once done, move on to another area of the mouth being sure to angle the brush appropriately should you have crowded teeth.


Blizzident Brushing


The Blizzident team and their brushes are no strangers to the Modified Bass Technique. In fact, a large collection of 45 degree angled brushes that meet at your gum line form the foundation of what the Blizzident does. These bristles work in tandem with interdental bristles that clean the harder to reach areas between your respective teeth.


To ensure that each bristle is optimally located for your particular mouth, a 3D model of your exact teeth is used to build your tailor made Blizzident. This model is the result of an oral impression or scan from your own dentist sent to the company (.STL format) or uploaded directly via their website. In all, there are roughly 800 bristles in a Blizzindent that ensure that all parts of your teeth are cleaned at the same time, eliminating much of the time it takes for proper brushing.


Using a Blizzident seems incredibly simple. All that you need to do is place the tool in your mouth and bite and release quickly 10-15 times. This motion simulates the small circles that are recommended in the Modified Bass Technique. When biting down, it is recommended that you grind your teeth – back and forth and side to side to ensure the entire surface of the teeth (bottom and sides) and everything in between is cleaned. Opening your mouth to release the Blizzident allows the bristles at the gum line to wipe out any additional dirt, leaving your mouth thoroughly cleaned without causing trauma or abrasion to the more sensitive parts of your mouth.



Flossing and Cleaning Your Tongue


As if brushing wasn’t enough, the Blizzident offers its user the ability to simultaneously floss and clean their tongue during the 6 second brushing. Flossing is done by literally looping floss through custom placed holes within the Blizzident. The handle of the device even acts as a place to store floss for each brush. When biting down on the device, the floss is able to find its way between teeth without going too deep in order to remove debris and food particles.


A tongue brush and scraper combo is found in each Blizzindent and simply requires the user to lift and press their tongue against the top of the device. This is a valuable tool as the improper cleaning of the tongue is one of the leading causes of bad breathe and cavities thanks to bacterial buildup.


We are very eager to get our hands on a Blizzident to determine if the product warrants the hype and lives up to its 6 second promise. As with all things in the early stage of product development, the pricing is steeper than most would like. A new Blizzident device will cost $339 USD and last approximately 12 months. The dental impressions that are required to build a device must be done by your dentist or another local one who offers this service. These range in price and may be covered by your insurance. After 12 months, each subsequent replacement brush costs $159. Purchases can be made directly from the company site here.


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