How to Tell if A Child Needs Braces


The late Dr. Edward Banfield of Harvard University conducted 50 years of research to determine what the single most important factor in determining social and economic success was. He discovered that it was not education, intelligence or connections. The strongest predictor of such success was ‘long-term perspective’; the ability to clearly understand the long-term scope […]

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Foods That Mask Bad Breath


Be it a hot date or an important business meeting, having to worry about the potential for bad breath is enough to throw you off of your game. Widely considered as a social faux pas, having less than ideal smelling breath can lead many to avoid certain foods and people simply out of fear. We […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Cavities


Dental cavities are the universal benchmark of oral health. Don’t believe us? How many times have you been asked whether or not you have any cavities following a dental appointment? A tooth with a cavity in your mouth is the undeniable proof that you have fallen victim to one of the most common diseases world round; tooth decay. This decay […]

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When Should I See My Dentist?


At least every six months. That concludes today’s post.   Kidding! Although regularly scheduled cleanings and appointments should occur every 6 months or as advised by your dental professional, the truth is there will be something at one point or another that brings you into your dentist’s office between the aforementioned cleaning appointments. Today’s post […]

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