Teething: Your Ultimate Guide

Teething Baby

Before kindergarten gold stars and high school graduation gowns, the youngest members of our families achieve something significant that they carry with them for the duration of life – getting their teeth. This process, referred to as teething, is gradual and often uncomfortable for infants. It can also be an incredibly trying time for even […]

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Space Maintainers – A Tooth Loss Secret Weapon


When children lose their primary teeth prematurely, the consequences go far beyond the gaping space in their smile. Besides chewing, primary teeth act as space holders for the permanent teeth that eventually replace them. When teeth are lost too soon the natural guidance system for the adult tooth is affected. This means that surrounding teeth […]

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How to Tell if A Child Needs Braces


The late Dr. Edward Banfield of Harvard University conducted 50 years of research to determine what the single most important factor in determining social and economic success was. He discovered that it was not education, intelligence or connections. The strongest predictor of such success was ‘long-term perspective’; the ability to clearly understand the long-term scope […]

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The Dangers of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay


Although our time together is short, our baby teeth are very important for our lifelong oral health and wellness. Not only are they critical to our development in terms of learning to eat solid foods and speak, they also serve as placeholders for our eventual adult teeth. Tooth decay by way of cavities at a […]

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