Bogobrush – The Feel Good Toothbrush


Whether you like to admit it or not, there is a lot you can feel good about when you brush your teeth. If the minty clean feeling isn’t enough to get you excited, the fact that you are helping your teeth and oral health should be.


When it comes to buying a toothbrush, it simply isn’t the type of purchase that gets you pumped. Not the way a new pair of shoes or even a chocolate bar can. That’s fair. We don’t expect you all to be dental enthusiasts. What we are willing to wager however is that the Bogobrush may just be a toothbrush you can feel that excited and happy to buy.


What is Bogobrush?


Bogobrush is both a wonderfully designed toothbrush as well as the name of the company that creates them. Built around the revolutionary Buy One Give One (BOGO) sales model, each toothbrush that is purchased means another identical toothbrush will be given to someone less fortunate. Someone who is need of the oral health instrument we most take for granted.


Founded by North Dakota natives and siblings John and Heather McDougall, the company came about as a vehicle to help others while also making a positive difference in the world. With his background in fine arts and design and hers in the field of law, the two collaborated with a group of like minded individuals to create their vision for the best oral health product possible. Dentistry is a field that hits close to home for the McDougalls thanks to their dentist father.


The brainchild of this project is a beautifully designed and truly unique toothbrush called Bogobrush. As if the BOGO model were not enough, the enterprising team focused on both social and environmental awareness as well. This resulted in them creating a toothbrush that was effective in its core purpose while also minimizing waste once people were done with them. Fashioned from bamboo the biodegradable design is both sleek and beautiful. Once three months have passed, the bristles can be easily removed and the remainder can be tossed in your compost heap or city bin. The company is currently working towards their goal of a 100% biodegradable brush and bristles. They have also recently introduced a version fashioned from 100% recycled materials.


Bogobrush with the bristles removed.

Bogobrush with the bristles removed.


As Canadians, when we think of those in need, our thoughts go to far off places. The truth is, sometimes those that are in need live within our town, city, province or neighbouring country. According to the team’s website, an estimated 80 million Americans lack access to an adequate level of dental care. Poor oral health can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and helps manifest other health issues including heart disease, complications during pregnancy and even Alzheimer’s. The startup has built relationships with various charitable dental offices in less fortunate pockets of the U.S. including Detroit and Atlanta.


Bogobrushes are available for sale via their website and offer shipping to Canada. You can purchase one for $10 (USD) or commit for a year and have one toothbrush sent every four months for $40 (USD). Our best wishes are with the McDougalls and their team and hope that sharing their story will do a little part in helping raise awareness and share their fantastic product and purpose. Take a quick look at their video to hear their story.



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