5 Things You Should Expect from Every Dentist


You don’t have to go very far in a major Canadian city with your head up to quickly realize there are a number of dentists to choose from. This type of competition will always work out in the patients’ favour as it leads to quality service and innovative practice as practices and dentists try to stand out from the crowd. Although many dentists have a wide range of experience and provide a number of specialized services, there remains a minimum standard that should be expected of any licensed DDS working in Canada. Today’s post outlines the 5 dental services that you should be able to expect when walking into any dental office in Canada.


Routine Check Ups and Cleanings


The regularly scheduled check ups and cleanings that you are supposed to have at your dentist’s office is the most basic service that they provide. In most offices with more than one staff member, dental hygienists do the cleaning however dentists are trained and able to offer cleanings. Check ups serve to maintain a satisfactory level of oral health and to a greater extent your overall health. Many serious health issues manifest themselves orally through unusual things like sores and excessive bleeding. A dentist unable to provide routine check ups and cleanings would quickly find themselves out of work in Canada.


The Diagnosis of Oral Health Issues and Treatment Planning


Licensed dentists in Canada whether educated here or abroad must meet the exhaustive minimum standard of knowledge, training and practical experience required to be able to diagnose oral health issues and map an effective treatment plan to resolve them. Although they may not be able to provide the specialized service you may need, such as a root canal, gum graft or implant surgery, they will be able to refer you to any specialists you may need and plan and explain the required treatment plan to you to your satisfaction.


Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are required when bacteria compromises the structure and health of a tooth. Materials including precious metals alloys and resin are placed into holes that a dentist drills into your tooth. As this can be slightly painful depending on the level of infection and amount of drilling required, such a procedure is usually accompanied by local anesthesia or sedation. If that is not the case, a regular filling should still be well within the repertoire of a Canadian dentist.




A crown is a dental restoration used to improve the strength and appearance of existing teeth and to protect dental implants. Although they range in variety and materials used (ceramics being most common), crowns completely cover or encircle affected teeth or implants and are held in place by bonding cement to existing tooth structure. Although your dentist may not have placed the implant, they should be expected to assess the requirement for a crown and successfully place it within your mouth.


The process requires time as an impression of the tooth must be made in order to ensure that the crown meets the structural and aesthetic requirements to work seamlessly within your mouth. Once this impression is taken, the crown is created to the required specs. The tooth is then prepared for the crown, a process that involves removing quite a bit of the tooth’s existing structure so that the cap fits and can be bonded to the base of the tooth. The most important decision to be made is whether it is in your best interest to salvage and treat the tooth via other means or if a crown is the best course of action moving forward.


Dental Information and Advice


Much like any other medical professional, there is a level of knowledge and information sharing that is to be expected from each Canadian dentist. Although they are not required or expected to know everything, be it a cutting edge procedure or obscure condition, they should never hesitate to do all that they can to answer your queries or direct you to a colleague or associate who can. If you ever feel like you are not 100% clear on something or have something health related you would like to discuss, never hesitate to ask. Your dentist is there to serve you and ensure that your health is a priority for both of you.


There you have it! No one expects every dentist to be able to fix any problem that may exist as it pertains to your oral health however the above serves as a baseline for what you should expect and deserve to receive from any licensed dentist in Canada.


Your comments and anecdotes are always appreciated. We are aware that our great nation is filled with excellent dental professionals who often go above and beyond the call.


Source: Ask Dr. Spindel

Image: Bethesda Dental News


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